“Small” Remedies for debility p “Influenza-like Illness”


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In my course Perspectives on Long COVID, I mentioned several “small” remedies that were noted c. 1904-1906 by William & Oscar Boericke, & by J H Clarke, as of use in treating the “Neurasthenia” & general debility seen as sequel to the 1889-1895 “Russian ‘flu” pandemic.

This is of interest to us, as the 1889 pandemic closely resembled our current COVID-19 pandemic in both its acute symptomatology and the nature of its post-infection sequelae, and appears to have represented the emergence of the now-endemic human beta coronavirus HCoV O43 from Bovine Respiratory Coronavirus, closely related to SARS CoV-2, spreading worldwide from Uzbekistan near the close of the 19th century.  

In this brief self-paced course (presented as an annotated slideshow), I review the pathogeneses of 9 “small” remedies in the context of “Neurasthenia” – fatigue, cardiopulmonary, & neuropsychiatric sequelae following “Influenza-like Illness.”