Coronapocolypse parts 7/8


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What just happened?  Where are we now?  What’s to come?  What can I do?

In followup to the 6 sessions I’ve already presented on the topic – It’s now been one year since the first reported cases of the disease we now all know as COVID-19 appeared.  In this course I’d like to take a brief look-back at what we’ve learned about the pandemic, the disease, the virus responsible for it, and measures introduced for its management.  The issue of a vaccine is currently front & center, so we’ll discuss this in depth, including assessments of efficacy and safety beyond the simple statements offered by vaccine manufacturers and propagated in the news.  We’ll examine what is currently known of the mortality & morbidity of infection, transmission, transmission mitigation measures, the current status of the pandemic, and predictions of what lies ahead.  I’ll address what we might contribute as homeopaths to the management of this pandemic illness, including the “long-hauler” cases often seen following “mild” acute disease in previously healthy young patients.

Initially presented via live online videoconferencing on  January 6 & 13, 4-6pm US Pacific standard time [UTC-8]; now available as streaming video of the live session, for self-paced participation.

Approved for 4 hours of category 1 Continuing Education credit by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA).

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