Coronapocolypse? parts 5/6; August 26/Sept. 2 2020


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I’ll be presenting this live via interactive webconferencing on Wed. Auigust 26 / Wed. September 2nd, at 5-7pm US Pacific daylight time [ UTC-7], with both sessions recorded & posted as streaming video for subsequent review & self-paced participation.

I’ve presented several online courses to date on the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19 pandemic; initially in March & April as the nature of the pandemic was becoming clear in North America, & subsequently in late June / early July as the current state of the pandemic was maturing. Our understanding of this virus, its origins, nature, & behavior, & the nature of the human disease(s) it is responsible for, have been evolving rapidly; too rapidly for many of us, including those in the medical community, to follow. In this 2-session online course (live via videoconferencing & recorded for later review & for self-paced participation), I’d like to catch us up on what we’re learning of this virus, its probable origins & how this relates to past & potential future emergence of pandemic diseases, its epidemiology & immunology, the nature of the disease(s) it is responsible for, recommendations re transmission mitigation & pandemic preparedness, and the potential for homeopathic management. If you were involved in my earlier sessions on the pandemic, this will be a significant update on what I previously covered. If you weren’t, it will supplant those previous sessions with updated material.
2 online sessions, supplemented with an online course discussion forum; Wednesdays August 26 & September 2nd, 5-7pm US Pacific daylight time [UTC-7].
$60; $40 if purchased before August 26.

Now approved for 4 hours of category 1 continuing education credit by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA).

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