Coronapocolypse? 2022 – an evolving view


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Where have we been?  Where are we going, & are we there yet?

Im sure that to many of us, it seems to be March 674, 2020, & we’re running out of Netflix.

We’re exhausted from the pandemic, but perhaps even more so from predictions of seeing “light at the end of the tunnel” followed by yet another resurgence.

Just as the wave of the Delta variant was cresting and looking to subside in time for our winter holidays, a new even more transmissible variant has leapt onto the scene, overlapping with the return of respiratory syncytial virus and Influenza for a truly confusing winter. The “omicron variant” is behaving like a novel virus in itself, resulting in the largest surge in case numbers since the pandemic began, yet resulting in a distinctly unique symptom picture and proportionately lower rates tho still unacceptably high numbers of hospitalization & deaths.

In this single 2-hour live online session (recorded as well for future self-paced viewing), I’ll review the pandemic to date, addressing many points of confusion & disinformation that have permeated the alternative medical community;

I’ll discuss what we’re coming to learn of the new Omicron variant and how it’s altering the course of the pandemic;

I’ll look at the roles that vaccination may and may not play the management of this pandemic, and the challenges and potential personal & public health risks & benefits that may accompany a vaccination-forward approach to management;

I’ll discuss the likely origin & evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and viral evolution in general, and look at the course of evolution of viral pandemics of the past for guidance on the prognosis of the current pandemic;

and project the challenges that may lie ahead for the homeopathic management of the disease(s) this virus may be responsible for.

A single live online session, Thursday January 20th, 2022, 4-6pm US Pacific standard time (UTC-8).
Early registration discount extends to January 16, 2022.