Coron9pocolypse? – parts 5-9 bundle


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This is a bundle, providing access to parts 5-9 of my Cononapocolypse? sessions (parts 1-4 were offered early in the Pandemic, & I consider them now historical relics)

Part 5 was presented live on 26. August, 2020, & covers

  • the status of the pandemic up to &  including that date, with projections for the future as seen at that time.
    Including  discussion of
  • transmission mechanisms & dynamics
  • “herd immunity” & its requirements
  • transmission mitigation measures
  • the demographics of disease & of mortality by age, race & etrhnicity
  • testing & the predictive value of testing
  • the origins of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • vaccines

Part 6 was offered live on September 2 2020, & covers

  • a brief overview of COVIZD pathophysiology as appreciated at that time
  • symptomatology of “mild” & severe acute COVID
  • possibilities for homeopathic management of “mild” & severe COVID

Part 7 was offered live on January 6 2021 & covers

  • the status of the pandemic at that time, with projections for the future
  • the current understanding of transmission & transmission dynamics
  • transmission mitigation measures
  • an update on the status of children re COVID & their role in community transmission
  • the predictive values of testing, in detail; in general & with reference to COVID PCR & rapid antigen tests
  • a detailed analysis of “herd immunity;” in general, & re possibilities for COVID
  • current impact of cOVID mortality & impact on medical resources
  • addressing the mis/disinformation in circulation
  • vaccination
  • proposed”conventional” treatments
  • viral mutation, & emerging variants
  • other-than-human viral reservoirs

Part 8 was offered live on January 13 2021, & covers

  • COVID-19 as a “Syndemic”& limitations of a “genus epidemicus;” with examples from Hahnemann, & from homeopaths treating the great influenza epidemics of the 19th-early 20th centuries
  • “Long COVID” – extended disease following “mild” acute illness; description & symptomatology
  • possibilities for homeopathic management of “Long COVID”

Part 9 was offered in a live session on Thursday February 18 (at 4-6pm US Pacific standard time), & will cover

  • The pathophysiology of “mild” & severe acute COVID & of  “long COVID” in detail
  • SARS-CoV-2 viral mutation, the newly emerging viral variant strains considered in detail, & their implications for the future of pandemic & endemic disease, & for vaccination as a public health strategy