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Enrollment provides access to all 6 modules in the 2017-2018 series, for over 100 hours of recorded online instruction, & access to all course materials.  Originally taught in Live online webinar sessions  & supplemented by an asynchronous course support platform for download of handouts, supporting materials, online assessment & documentation of participation,  & an asynchronous online course discussion forum.

As of the date of this writing on 3.December 2018, all 6 Modules are posted as streaming video on the course support pages, with downloadable handouts for each session, and Discussion supported by an instructor-mediated asynchronous online Discussion Forum covering all 6 modules.

This was my 3rd time presenting this course, & over time I’ve crafted it carefully to meet the needs of the student & practitioner of homeopathy & other “alternative” approaches to healing. 3rd time’s a charm, it’s said.  This is a coverage of these topics as I wish I had encountered them in my medical training.

Enrollment provides 4 years’ access to all course materials.

Course Syllabus

See a sample of the introductory session from a previous offering of this course, at

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