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Welcome to the Wiki

Editing privileges will be granted to colleagues and participants in the Academy for Homeopathic Studies; please contact the site administrator [1] to request editing privileges. Let's use this site as a Community Project to build up factual information and as a portal to useful online resources to support the homeopathic community and interested public. Please respect "Otis' Rules" ( R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and Show a Little Tenderness).

Some Rules for the Use of this Wiki

No need to jump into this project with a "finished project" of writing - Wiki articles can (and perhaps should) be built on the collective contributions of small edits, to reflect a collaborative effort of a participating community.
Quoting from Contact,

(Ellie's alien father doppelgänger (David Morse): This was just a first step. In time you'll take another.
Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) : But other people need to see what I've seen, they need to see...
Alien: This is the way it's been done for billions of years. Small moves, Ellie. Small moves.

Homeopathy - let's create a Public Description of our Discipline

Samuel Hahnemann

A core homeopathic library

Terminology (a Lexicon / glossary; submitted terms will display floating definitions when moused over on wiki pages)

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