C to LM Potency

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C to LM Potency

Postby Irma » Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:07 am

Hi all!
I have a question to throw out-
What is your opinion on going from C potency to LM potency? I have heard conflicting advice. I read in one place (sorry, don't remember where) that if you have a patient on a remedy in C potency and want to switch over to LM potency, that you must begin at LM1, no matter what potency you have your client on. I have read you MAY be able to start them on LM3, but no higher. I have read in Philip Bailey's book HOMEOPATHIC PSYCHOLOGY that if you have a client on a 1M potency, that you need to start them on an LM6 or you won't get any emotional healing....any thoughts? Thanks!

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Re: C to LM Potency

Postby admin » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:31 pm

Thanks Irma - a good question to raise, this may often arise in case management.
It is really not possible to "translate" from one scale to the other; we could look at "equivalence of dilution," but this does not catch the full issue; LM1 is approximately as dilute as 7C, I've got a table somewhere I could dig out & post, but this "dilution equivalence" catches only a small & not-so-significant part of the story.
My first and central question, would be WHY the change? If you're seeing response to e.g. a 1M, it's perhaps best to invoke patience and wait, repeating as indicated (here, I'd reflect carefully on James Tyler Kent's marvelous essay, Lecture on the Second Prescription). If you have partial response & wish to be able to "nudge" things along, perhaps #1, practice some mindfulness, and reflect on why God invented Time (so that not everything happens at once :roll: ); or just sit on those restless hands and re-read the first few paragraphs of Kent's essay on the 2nd prescription (How long shall I watch and wait? Is a question frequently asked but seldom answered. ... I presume that most good prescribers will say: “We have often acted too soon, but never waited too long.”); and #2, if you still feel this need, go to the centesimal delivered in water (e.g., a 1M pellet in 8oz water, succussed before each dose, 1/4-1/2 tsp/dose), as Hahnemann practiced (largely with 6-60C) prior to his development of "LM" potencies. The difficulty that may arise, is what to do if/when you feel a need to ascend potency from this. If you don't have a response to the centesimal, things get easy, just begin anew at LM1 (never a bad starting point) once you've re-examined the case and are confident in your prescription.
If you really feel you have good reason to change to LM, perhaps this is best exercised on your next case.
I don't really see a need to make the change to an "equivalent potency" as you relate Bailey's suggestion to be; "emotional healing" is not a dose-dependent issue, to suggest this buys into Cartesian mind/body dualism and does not meet with supporting evidence. I've seen amazing responses in the mental/emotional realm on low potencies and even "crude" doses.

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Re: C to LM Potency

Postby JohanMath » Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:11 am

hat in part the acceptance of a transplant is an active process. In other words, that the immune system doesn't just have the mechanisms to gear up to reject a transplant but can also actively generate tolerance. So instead of just focusing on how to prevent rejection there was added the concept of promoting tolerance. Tolerance is not just the absence of rejection.

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Re: C to LM Potency

Postby Emilly1994 » Thu May 25, 2017 1:39 pm

Where do you go if one dose of LM1 is too high in potency for a patient? If you are prescribing a naturally poisonous substance how can you go further towards the toxic ‘mother’ substance?

If you are using a non toxic substance you CAN go towards the mother tincture … after all, Aqua pura, Sacharaum album, Bambusa arundinacea or Coffea Cruda are in a different category than substances like Causticum, or Ammonium carbonicum, which are related to industrial drain cleaners.

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Re: C to LM Potency

Postby roman89 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:54 am

The high intensity Cs are weakened more circumstances then the LM power despite the fact that they get less succussions at every weakening level of strength. The higher intensity Cs like 200c and 1M have a littler measure of substance, and more commutative quantities of succussions and weakenings than the LM strength.

Consequently, a few people think the LMs are low strength cures. The LM strength, notwithstanding, has a significantly bigger weakening proportion that incredibly changes the restorative characteristics of the LM cures. The LM power, then again, is given in the littlest fluid dosage so it delivers a mellow essential impact and a long persevering delicate counter activity of the indispensable rule.

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