Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on community discussion forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. This community discussion forum is intended to be suitable to the serious student of homeopathy, whether they be "lay" individuals interested in the healthcare of their families and communities, students intending to take up homeopathy as a profession, or professional practitioners of homeopathy, including professional homeopaths and licensed healthcare professionals interested in or actively engaged in the discipline. I've purposely not set up segregated forums for each of these groups, as I firmly believe we can all learn more effectively by sharing across these apparent boundaries; and that we can all benefit from even the self-declared "silliest" or "confused" questions of the novice. I am fully convinced that "there are no stupid questions" (despite the reception some might receive in other quarters), and that sometimes the question generated by the most novice participant can reflect holes in the understanding of even old guys like me.

    I believe deeply that a question is a terrible thing to waste, and even what appears to be the most elementary question is often better used as "grist for the mill" than merely concluded with an answer. Let's all participate with this in mind, with respect for all that arises in the process; which brings me to "Otis Rules":: #
  2. The most fundamental rules for the use of this forum, are ones I like to refer to as "Otis' Rules" (with respect to the late, great Otis Reading): R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and Show a Little Tenderness. I'm sure we have all experienced the violation of these principles in other online and real-world discussions, including in other community forums dedicated to the discussion of homeopathy; I often leave these my brief visits to these feeling battered by verbal abuse, merely caught in the crossfire between battering participants. Please participate in a manner that encourages dialog and exploration. Posts that violate this policy, in the eye of the forum administrator as sole arbiter, will be removed, and their authors will be asked asked to desist, asked to leave the forum, or be expelled/blocked with or without prior discussion.

    Allied with this, is the use of this forum to promote a victims' mentality, or sense of persecution within the community. I think we might agree that homeopathy has (since its inception) come under criticism in some corners, and this may well be worth discussing in the appropriate settings, but I would ask that this not be here; please find other opportunities to express these concerns if they be yours, even if you feel they address you directly. This out of respect to this forum administrator and to the community of participants seeking a supportive community for discussion and learning.
    To quote the incomparable John Gorka, "If you cannot make yourself a good noise, tell me what you're doing here." #
  3. This forum is not an appropriate place to seek, nor to offer, individual medical advice. As a healthcare practitioner, I am firmly convinced that it is irresponsible, unethical, as well as downright impossible to offer individual healthcare or medical advice outside of direct face-to-face contact. Even a cursory read of Hahnemann's essay The Medical Observer will evidence this with regard to homeopathic intervention. Posts seeking or purporting to offer individual medical or healthcare advice beyond "directly consult a qualified healthcare professional" will be removed by the forum administrator when identified as such, and any such posts that may be missed are in violation of this policy, and are not endorsed by nor the responsibility of the forum administrator. Nothing contained in this community discussion forum should be construed as medical advice, regardless of the individual posting it, their apparent or claimed qualifications, nor of its expressed or apparent intent to be so. If you are seeking attention for a medical problem, please consult a qualified healthcare professional. There are a number of professional support-organization - endorsed referral lists available for the identification of local homeopathic practitioners, I'll provide links to some of these for the use of individuals seeking care, but this forum administrator cannot directly endorse the professional activities of any of such listed practitioners. #
  4. Individuals posting to this forum are expected to respect client confidentiality in their postings. Any clinical information posted should adhere to HIPAA standards [] whether the posting individual believes these to apply to her/himsef or not. It is the responsibility of the posting individual, and not the forum administrator, to assure absolute compliance with this. #
  5. There is an interesting phenomenon apparent today often seen in online discussion of topics such as homeopathy. Terming the negativity "skepticism" (officially, a questioning attitude towards unempirical knowledge or opinions/beliefs stated as facts), I'd like to respectfully reframe the current phenomenon as "askepticism," as it most often involves critique without looking through the telescope (bringing in Galileo as a metaphor). There are many opportunities for the unquestioning criticism of homeopathy on the 'web and elsewhere, so I do not welcome the use of this forum to that purpose. If this appears to apply to you, I am not attempting to throttle your expression of your beliefs; but please recognize these as "beliefs," and exercise them in other more appropriate places, rather than distracting from the serious purpose of this forum. We all have access to the Wikipedia and other resources to be exposed to beliefs of this sort. I'm a firm believer in "evidence-based" medicine, as was Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of our discipline, this being what I consider his most fundamental contribution to medical philosophy and practice; and we will carry on with that perspective. #
  6. This forum is not the appropriate place to engage in commercial activities or promotions. As the forum administrator, I'll disclose that I earn my living teaching online primary and continuing education courses, and I will announce these here on occasion, in addition to announcing online and in-person educational offerings by trusted colleagues; but I will not tolerate commercial promotions or endorsements from other sources, which may find other more appropriate outlets. #
  7. The forum administrator reserves the right to remove any posts made in violation of these policies, and to ask participants to leave this forum, as well as to to block the posting activities of individuals deemed by the forum administrator to be in violation, with or without the need for prior discussion, with the forum administrator serving as sole arbiter in these decisions. There are individuals who have clearly evidenced their tendencies to violate one or more of these policies in other forums, who have been blocked from participation here in advance. These, and any individuals who are blocked, may apply for instatement/reinstatement at the full discretion of the forum administrator, by submitting evidence of their "good behavior" (i.e. consistent with this forum's rules) in other venues, directly to the forum administrator, at, and by agreeing with these stated policies. #
  8. These rules understood and agreed to, let's move on to a productive community discussion nurturing to our common interest in homeopathy! #