terms of service

Terms of Service

The courses offered by The Academy for Homeopathic Studies are intended for educational purposes, aimed at the serious student and practitioner of homeopathy; these are not intended to substitute for formal face-to face medical advice from a healthcare practitioner.  If you require advice for a medical condition, please directly consult a qualified and trusted professional.

I do not intend to provide a forum for the debate of the legitimacy of homeopathy, beyond careful attention to evidence-based practice for those who are seriously interested.  There are many places on the internet & elsewhere where those unfamiliar with a topic are free to express their askeptic  opinions about various things.  Individuals who choose to use this space for such opining will be asked to leave or have their registration terminated without further discussion and without reimbursement of purchases, with this administrator as sole arbiter.  I do not intend to limit anyone’s rights of free expression; there are many other venues available for such things, we can all visit these when we choose, and I will not be beholden to support them here.  I am sorry that it is necessary to state this in order to ensure an emotionally safe and productive environment for the community of participants I intend to support & nurture.

Cancellation Policy:  No refunds are offered on courses purchased from the Academy for Homeopathic Studies.