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Recorded in live session on January 28, this course is now available in streaming video  for self-paced participation.

In this one-session course, we’ll look closely at Hahnemann’s great antipsoric remedy, using several approaches to organize our understanding of its pathogenesis, and examining cases both acute and chronic in which it has acted curatively.

Sulphur is often the first remedy introduced in the study of homeopathy – and yet it is often remains the most enigmatic of our remedies, with a coherent understanding  often very difficult to grasp.  Kent tells us that the neophyte will prescribe a good deal of Sulphur, and the seasoned practitioner will prescribe a good deal of Sulphur; the difference will be in whom they prescribe it to.  I used to recoil at the prospect of teaching Sulphur; my training provided a good understanding of many of its particulars, but my appreciation of its coherent pathogenesis was lacking until I began looking at it through the organized methods of study that this course will introduce.

2 hour online presentation via streaming video, with downloadable handout and supporting materials.  Your registration will provide 6 months’ access to all course materials.

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