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Sepia was introduced to homeopathic practice by Hahnemann in his Chronic Diseases as an “antipsoric,” and has found a place among our most valued polychrests – well-known remedies of many uses.  Its use in practice however is often limited by trivialized descriptions and stereotyping as a “women’s remedy,” a characterization which may limit our ability to recognize its applicability in other settings and result in its overprescription in gynecologic concerns.

In this 2-hour session we’ll engage in a careful study of Sepia, tapping resources from our classical literature and contemporary cases, building up a visual/textual “map” of this invaluable remedy and discussing important contrasts & comparisons with other “large” and “small” remedies.

This course involves 2 hours of video recorded live in May 2015.  Your enrollment provides 6 months’ access to all course materials, including the streaming video recording of the live session, downloadable handout in .pdf format, quiz for self-review & documentation of completion, online discussion forum, & downloadable letter to document your participation.

Documentation will be provided for 2 hours of Homeopathic Continuing Education for all course participants.