acute care – Otitis Media, Purulent rhinosinusitis


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Acute Otitis Media comprises ~25% of the business of a typical family or general practice, and an even greater share of a practice devoted to the care of children.  Acute purulent rhinitis (“snotty nose”) often accompanies otitis media, and presents as a common differential in the workup of children.  Acute and subacute sinusitis is a common clinical presentation in older children and adults.  The conventional management of these collectively can be problematic, as antibiotic treatment has been called into question for its (lack of) efficacy and its contribution to the development of antibiotic resistance of the normal resident bacteria commonly involved, as well as greater concerns regarding its effect on the human microbiome and its implications in general health.

In this 2-hour session, we’ll investigate the characterizing dimensions of the totality of presenting signs & symptoms of these conditions from a homeopathic perspective, and embark on a differential study of both “large” and “small” remedies encountered in their treatment; illustrated with cases from Will’s clinical experience and from the classical literature.

Airs Live on Wednesday February 17 2016 (5-7pm US Pacific standard time [UTC-8]), (click link for time & date in your timezone), and afterwards available for self-paced participation via streaming video of the recorded live session.

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