acute care – Diarrhea

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Course Overview

Acute diarrhea is a common presenting complaint in general family practice, and particularly in a practice focusing on the care of children.  Acute viral diarrheas, including rotoviral diarrhea, can be particularly problematic in infants, with the risk of acute fluid loss and dehydration, particularly in environments of low socioeconomic support and in “developing” economies.

Conventional medical management focusses on prevention, with immunization for rotavirus as one of many potential agents, and on supportive care / rehydration therapy.  There is substantial evidence-based justification for homeopathic management in this setting, with homeopathic intervention significantly impacting on the severity & extent of illness and on the individual and societal cost of care.

In this 2-hour-long session, we’ll  investigate the characterizing dimensions of the totality of presenting signs & symptoms of acute diarrheal cases from a homeopathic perspective, and embark on a differential study of both “large” and “small” remedies encountered in their treatment; illustrated with cases from Will’s clinical experience and from the classical literature.