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will 5Will Taylor, MD – has been active in the practice and sharing of knowledge in homeopathy for over 20 years.

Born & raised in the farmlands of Wisconsin, Will spent much of his childhood messing around in the woods and fields, developing a love for plants & critters. He obtained his BS in biochemistry from Michigan State University, and went on to study marine biology at the Hopkins Marine Institute of Stanford University, in Pacific Grove California. Marine biology took him to the University of Maine, with field studies in Antarctica and the northeastern coast of North America. An epiphinal moment involving heavy seas and a particularly huge iceberg brought him to the study of medicine (a long story!), with the hope of finding right livelihood melding his interests in science, the natural world, and care for the sufferings of sentient beings.

Will graduated the University of Vermont College of Medicine in 1983, and completed a residency in Family Medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1986. He practiced family medicine in Bethel Maine, and subsequently explored interests in chronic pain and injury management along with family medicine in practices in Falmouth and South Freeport Maine. His own painful case of Shingles which resolved overnight with homeopathic treatment under the care of a colleague, combined with a growing dissatisfaction and impatience with the conventional medicine of his training, brought Will to the practice of homeopathy; initially for family and friends, but eventually taking over his practice, as patients implored him to “treat me like you’d treat your family”.

Will opened a practice devoted to homeopathic medicine in Blue Hill Maine, from 1993-2001. During that time he became active sharing his experiences in homeopathy on the internet, and began teaching in weekend sessions at The School of Homeopathy New York, and at seminars in central and eastern Europe. In 2001 Will was offered a full-time teaching amd clinical supervision position as director of the department of homeopathy at the National College of Naturopathic (now Natural) Medicine (NCNM), in Portland, Oregon; and moved his family “3,000 miles from the ocean” to the Pacific Northwest of North America, where he remains today; most commonly found in his heavily computerized basement office looking out on his chickens and side-yard garden.

Will has taught homeopathy in Bulgaria, and at conferences in Germany, Austria, and Belgium. He constructed and taught a 3-year postgraduate program in the Czech Republic for the Czech Medical Homeopathic Society, along with summerschools in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. He has been a regular presentor at the National Center for Homeopathy’s annual conference (now the Joint American Homeopathy Conference) for many years, where he has been considered one of the more popular presenters.

Over the past couple of years, Will has collaborated with Kim Elia of WholeHealthNow in the production of quality online continuing education offerings. Will has talked for many years about possibly starting up a fully-featured online school for homeopathic training, encompassing both introductory and advanced level material. Here it, finally, is.

& Colleagues –
It is my intent to bring some colleagues online with me, who share my passion with “roots” homeopathy – foundational homeopathic practice and philosophy, such as seen in the works historically of Samuel Hahnemann, the baron von Boenninghausen, Adolph Lippe, &c.

As colleagues join me in this venture, I’ll post their information here.