willteaching_0This is the “front” site for my fleet of web deployments for the Academy for Homeopathic Studies.

If you’re looking for my Course Support Platform, please visit http://courses.homstudies.com

Actual Course Delivery will take place at http://courses.homstudies.com, tho course enrollment/purchase will take place  through the shopping cart provided on this site.
(Expect this to be functional early the week of February 2; currently there is a glitch on the Checkout page that precludes the ability to make a purchase. In the meanwhile, course enrollments are still in operation directly on the course support site).

The two sites are integrated with single-sign-on, so that creation of a user account here will automatically create an account for you on the course support site; and login here will log you into both sites simultaneously.

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Study homeopathy online with one of the most respected teachers of our time.

The Academy of Homeopathic Studies operates on a full-featured eLearning platform, offering a mix of synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (on your own time) activities, to provide a flexible program of study to meet your needs and to fit within the uniqueness of your schedule.

Teaching materials include a mixture of:

  • Live webinar sessions, scheduled in multiple sessions to meet the needs of users in differing timezones; accessible directly through the course support site
  • Streaming video tutorials accessible on all computer and mobile devices, available whenever/wherever you wish to view these
  • Audio (.mp3) lectures downloadable for listening on the go
  • Downloadable materials for reading and reference
  • Active discussion forums with teacher and fellow student participation
  • Online review resources, including flashcard review activities and self-assessment quizzes with instantaneous scoring & feedback
  • Assignments submitted and graded online; with all assignments designed as intensive learning opportunities
  • Online quizzes and exams with instantaneous grading and feedback
  • Direct contact with your teacher and advisor via online journal and individual live meeting sessions

Will has been operating electronic learning management systems for the past 9 years, and has assembled a state-of-the-art platform for this project. He holds a certificate in online teaching from Bowling Green State University, and is currently engaged in earning certification in online teaching from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has been providing online continuing education webinars in conjunction with Kim Elia and WholeHealthNow for the past two years, which have been enthusiastically received by the homeopathic community.

Praise for Dr. Taylor:

“I am so delighted to have discovered Dr. Taylor as a teacher. He is among the best I have encountered. His depth of knowledge, understanding of disease, and humility make him a joy to learn with. He presents a high bar with his dedication to excellence, which inspires us to reach farther with our own professional development.” 

“I adore Will’s presentation style, have had him several times as a teacher at the school I attended. I appreciate his sense of humour and movie quotes. I will listen to him anytime. If I could afford to take all his online classes, I would.” 

“Please tell Will Taylor that I thoroughly enjoyed his course and he is a fantastic teacher. He has such an easy going manner, very in depth knowledge, humor and clear teaching that it is pure pleasure to hear him.”